Getaway To The Gorge

From USD $65.00
  • Duration: 4 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Portland, OR
  • Product code: P7T1GQ

Immerse yourself in Oregon’s lush wilderness, and experience first-hand the raw power of the country’s second largest waterway - the Columbia River. Experience the sheer cliffs, towering trees, cascading waterfalls, and massive lava formations left behind by one of the earth’s most powerful geological cataclysms. And to think, this combination drive and hike adventure begins just 30 minutes outside of Portland and is perfect for nearly all ages and fitness levels.


To transport you to this wild wonder, we'll jump into the van and meander along the country’s first national scenic road, the Historic Columbia River Highway completed in 1916. On the way we'll stop at some of the most sweeping scenic vistas in the Gorge, where we’ll soak up the grandeur and take unforgettable photos.


The drive gives us a sense of what it was like to travel by car 100 years ago, into the impenetrable gorge. On the way we'll pass several impressive waterfalls, stopping for a 1/4 mile hike at Latourell falls and 2/3 of a mile hike at Bridal Veil Falls where we’ll soak up the cool mists and feel the powerful crash of the water as it hits the rocks amid the lush green of dozens of species of trees, flowering shrubs, ferns, and moss. 


After getting our steps in, we’ll hop back into the van and head to stunning Multnomah Falls, where we’ll walk to the Benson Bridge and look up at the 600 foot fall. Here we can admire the beautiful stone craftsmanship of the depression-era Multnomah Falls Lodge. Next, we continue toward the Bonneville Dam, stopping at the adjoining fish hatchery. There we can see several prehistoric giants - 10 foot long sturgeons - which still today ply the bottom of the Columbia River by the thousands.


And finally, relax as we drive you back to the city, taking in the wide angle views of the gorge on the highway, completing your experience of one of the most beautiful places in Oregon.


(NOTE: the 2017 Eagle Creek Fire has damaged and temporarily closed access to some waterfalls, roadways and trails due to danger of falling rocks and trees. Tour itineraries will be adjusted on an as-needed basis to account for Forest Service restrictions and the safety of our guests.)